When God Says “No”

There are some things that the Lord tells me to do that I have no problem with doing. He commands me lovingly to do one thing or another, and I generally do what He says because of my trust in Him. But sometimes, the Lord tells me let go of something that I want nothing more than to cling to.

[Cling] : to hold onto something or someone very tightly; to stay very close to someone for emotional support, protection, etc.

I’m going to be honest. In this current stage of life, there is a situation that is overwhelming my normal mode of living. It has drained me of social energy, depleted my emotional tank, and made me sick with anxiety. My thoughts are consumed by this situation, and I can’t breathe most days without feeling like there is an anvil of guilt on my chest. But still, I cling to it. But still, I ignore the “no” from the Lord and claim to be waiting on His direction.

Something I have learned about when the Lord says no is that it stinks. It majorly, undeniably stinks. I do not want to loosen my grip on what my heart desires in order to choose trust in Jesus. I do not want to let go of something that makes me so happy, in spite of the fact that I know He has an abundantly satisfying plan for my life. Regardless, I feel like you should know that trust and obedience in Jesus sometimes stinks.

But the most important revelation I am clinging to in this time is that the command of the Lord is always aligned with peace. If God says no, there will be peace – broken, desperate heartache, but peace as the underlying constant. If God says yes, there will be peace as well. And if I am trying to force the decision to be a yes, it is probably a no.

The feelings I described earlier – the nausea, the draining of energy, the anxiety… these are physical manifestations of lack of peace. Aka, God is saying no, and I am walking in opposition to His command.

If you are facing this today as well, take heart, dear one. You are absolutely smothered in immovable grace. You have the loving gaze of Jesus on you, and He never runs out of second chances. At any point when you ask for an ‘out’, He is faithful to step in as you defender and provide you with one. Even if you heart is screaming “yes”, but your spirit whispers a quiet “no”, He is faithful to show up.

So friends, join me this week in letting go of that which the Lord has already given you His decision. You know what it is. And I promise it will be okay. He has better in store for you, and for me.



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